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Bineesh Bastin is a well-known actor from India’s south Indian cinema industry. He is well-known for his work in the Malayalam and Tamil cinema industries.

Bineesh Bastin turns 30 in 2021, having been born on June 15, 1990. He is from Cochin, India lower-middle-class family. He went to Cochin Refineries School in Kerala, where he finished his education. He then enrolled at St. Albert’s College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. 

Bineesh had always struggled with his schoolwork since he was a child. He’s always wanted to work in the film and television industry; he doesn’t have any experience in the field, but his passion to be an actor led him there. He toiled for nearly a decade before landing a well-known role in a Malayalam film. In the Malayalam film business, he began his career as a supporting actor.

Bineesh Bastin

He played supporting roles in a number of well-known Malayalam films. In supporting roles, he appeared in Annan Thambi, Pokkiri Raja, Puli Murgan, Angel John, and Double Barrel. Although his screen time in these films was limited, he never failed to surprise the audience with his outstanding acting abilities. He has had roles in films such as Theri and Porinju Mariam Jose. Following his breakthrough in the cinema industry, he ventured into the television sector, appearing in shows such as Gauri and Uppum Mulakum and now in star magic. It’s been 11 years since he first appeared in the Dileep-movie Pandippada as a gangster. “It was a recurring role, but I didn’t have any dialogues. “I am pleased to have started my career with a Rafi-Mecartin film, even though I couldn’t deliver a single dialogue,” says the actor, who eventually became a frequent onscreen goon in the Malayalam film industry. In the last ten years, Bineesh Bastin has appeared in about 80 films. “Every character was the same — either as a member of the villain’s gang or a hero, but always as a stuntman. Fortunately, such roles allowed him to work alongside famous actors like Mammookka and Lalettan,”. Bineesh Bastin is known for playing villains in his films, yet in real life, he is a caring individual who is involved in a variety of charitable endeavours.

Bineesh Bastin mentioned in an interview that he is a tremendous fan of famed South Indian actor Vijay. When he got the chance to share the screen with him in the iconic Tamil film Theri, his desire of working with him came true. He got the call from Theri just when he was getting tired of playing goons. “I’ve been doing the same characters for the past ten years, with little conversation or significance. I was so fed up. It was then that I received a call from Theri’s production house. In truth, I had sent my photographs to a casting team in Chennai’s Vadapalani. They were the ones who gave my name to Atlee sir, who was looking for a villain for the Kerala segment,” adds the actor. Atlee had intended to offer him Tamil dialogues, but after speaking with Bineesh Bastin, he decided to convert it to Malayalam. “Vijay sir also recommended that Atlee translate it into Malayalam,”. Throughout the shoot, he was a huge help. His first piece of advice was to forget that you were standing next to Vijay or a movie star. “You’re up against Joseph Kuruvila (his character),” Bastin recalls. He is currently a contestant on the Flowers channel’s star magic show. The candidates in this show must complete various tasks. It’s a fun show to see.

Why everyone calls him "Teame"

The slang in Kochi is ‘teame’, ‘kumbari’, ‘pange’ and so on. These are the words used by the local people there. The people there address others as ‘teame’. This is very familiar in Kochi, but it was only after he started using this word on social media that the name of this ‘teame’ began to spread throughout the world.

About Marriage

“I’m looking for a partner. When I find a partner who shares my passion for my work and the world, we will marry. It doesn’t matter what industry she is in.”